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Main Campus Headquarters:
101-115 Buffalo Street
Mannington, WV 26582

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TKMI Bible Training Center offers a degree program through Indiana Christian University.
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T.K.M.I. Bible Training Center offers scheduled courses throughout the year at the Mannington, WV campus headquarters on a varying degree of ministry subjects. We are not a Bible College, but rather a Training Center. Our focus is to teach and train men and women with practical Bible teaching that they will be able to put into action in whatever phase of ministry they are currently in.

These classes are not an open discussion format and they are not a Church service. It is a classroom study taught by Dr. Nicholas Lalli. Our classes are open to anyone that feels they can benefit from the teaching. Your church or denominational background has no bearing. Our desire is to be a blessing to the entire Body of Christ.

Each student will receive a syllabus for the corresponding course. You are required to bring your syllabus to every class. Occasionally there is required reading to be done in addition to the syllabus, in that case students may be required to purchase additional study materials.

Due to the fact that childcare facilities are not offered, children will not be permitted.

There is a one-time $10.00 registration enrollment fee for each new student. There is a tuition fee for each course that must be paid in full before the course begins. Tuition is absolutely non-refundable and non-transferrable under any circumstance.

Each successfully completed course does earn credits, which can be applied towards either Christian Worker's Identification, Licensing and/or Ordination (where applicable) in our Ministerial Association. Please note that obtaining the required credits does not guarantee automatic accreditation, as other factors are also taken into consideration.

For further information on the T.K.M.I. Ministerial Association, you can visit our mother website at:

T.K.M.I. Bible Training Center Video Satellite Locations:

Location: Facilitator:
Gilbert, WV Pastors Rodney and Linda LeFevers
Kenya, Africa Pastor Michael Kisabuli Masambu
Uganda, Africa Pastor Steven Trint Kkubolyabalamu

If you are interested in participating in a video satellite course, please contact our main headquarters for further instructions and information.